Sliding doors are suitable for both commercial and residential buildings. You can install them on your patio, balcony or even in the living area. They allow in adequate light and when open provide excellent ventilation. If your home is one with amazing outside, then installing sliding doors will allow you to enjoy a glorious view. Sliding doors are excellent in terms of performance also. They allow for greater mobility in and outside of the property and increase the interior appeal of the home. If you are planning to find a pair of sliding doors to your property, here’s a list of everything that you will have to have it fixed.


Sliding doors move on paths. The best material would be aluminum. It is a tough and durable material. It does not rot or rust and is great if you would like to fit soundproof eyeglasses. Aluminium doors prices are very inexpensive and maintenance requirements are minimal when compared to any other substance. Be certain track length is double the width of the doorway opening. If the area for doors to open is inadequate then it is possible to use multiple monitor lines. It is possible to use double brackets to set up aluminum tracks side by side.


You may use wall or soffit brackets for sliding doors. The Number of brackets you will need to purchase will depend on the duration of the doors.

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Hangers and Fixing Plates

You may need 2 hanger bits per door. Fixing plates will be Required to put in the hangers to the doorways. Aluminium sliding doors are fitted with side or top fixing plates.


The motion of the dual sliding doors singapore is controlled using stops. You can take a stop within the track. It will block the door motion by hitting the body of the hanger. You can even use a wall stop, which will block the motion by hitting the door. Many times people use bolts rather than stops. It is highly advisable that you do not use them since they have a tendency to damage the bearing of the hanger. Use a clip stop to maintain the door in closed or open position.

Bottom Guide

The performance of the doors is dependent upon the bottom guide. An Underside guide ensures smooth and secure operation of sliding doors. With bottom guide, you doorways would not swing and proceed straight on the paths. The guides are installed on the ground or wall. You may even have them installed underneath the foliage. The bottom guide goes in the groove or direct station, which can be fixed into the groove.