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                        Little Kauri - for families with 4 year olds.

A successful transition to school involves parents, families adn whanau and can be the diffence between a positive and negative learning path.  The more support that each new entrant and their families have in the first year, the more successfully that child should be able to adapt to the school environment.

Aiming to strenthen educational achievement for children who are Maori, Pacifika, those who live in low socio economic areas or children with special needs; this free programme gives children and their families the tools they need for the best start at school.  It helps children and their families learn about school and feel comfortable with the school environment.  There is lots of play to encourage children to explore their world, nuture their language development and have fun too!  Adults have the opportunity to participate in activities run in conjunction with the school and the community hub that enourage developing skills and confidence.


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